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Outside the Walls of the Palais- Actually experiencing Cannes


Beyond the walls of the conference there is much solace to find. If you are seeking to be less stressed, get away from the lecture and seminar style of teaching- seeking outside opportunities will help you do just that- because this is what it did for me this past Friday.

Some of the most unconventional and unexpected relationships were formed out of having memorable conversations with people in the advertising, media, and entrepreneurship industry in a laid back setting. And these aren’t just any kind of people. I’m talking CEO, SVP, VP, Chairman and Directors.


993039_419284524852395_346880805_nIpsos girl’s lounge granted me the opportunity to network with women in the advertising industry who have niches focusing on beauty and wellness as well as entertainment and television. The Ipsos girl’s lounge was hosted on the rooftop of the Martinez hotel and the only word to describe it was, Phenomenal! Upon entering the penthouse space, I was greeted by servers with desserts and sandwiches and was able to get my face made up by some make-up artists. Within the midst of all of this luxury it was awesome to gain connections and insights from women who have been in the industry for twenty plus years.

I was offered information how important it is to stick together as women and create a space to really reinforce how important relaxing and taking care of your physical well-being is. It was refreshing to be in an environment that usually would be high strung because of the various demands these women have on an everyday basis- but this space provided a safe environment to share stories, inspirations, and solid advice. photo(1) copy 3


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SU RIsing Event Storify

SU RIsing Event Storify

On Thursday, Feb. 14, two events at Syracuse
University addressed the endemic problem of violence against women, both globally and locally.

Recent news events, such as the horrific gang rape in India, have brought into focus the issue of violence against women in other parts of the world. SU addressed this at home in the U.S. and on campus through a community wide dialogue and candle light vigil.

Click picture to Follow my storify of all the social media engagement surrounding this empowering event.

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Craftistas Takes Top place in Student Sandbox Demo Day Competition

Startup entrepreneur Camille Malkiewicz wins RVD IDEA Student Sandbox Demo Day Competition.

Craftistas is a monthly subscription service to do-it-yourself craft kits! Visit at http://www.craftistaskits.com to learn more!

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