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Films, Celebrities, and Interactive Workshops in Cannes

 imageWhen Mr. Toilet first walked across the Cannes Lions Grand Audi Auditorium, I thought to myself, “What kind of funny play-on words is he going to use in order to intrigue all of us?” Not comprehending for one second, the awesome mission, passion, and work he has set forth to change disparities and injustices for human living in addition to changing how sanitation is portrayed in the media.

World Toilet Day  is officially every November 19th- this day has an intentional purpose: it aims to provoke conversation around sanitation and break the unspoken disparities that still surrounds this issue. In addition, it supports advocacy and  highlights the impact of the sanitation crisis, and seeks to bring to the forefront the health and emotional consequences, as well as the economic impact of inadequate sanitation.

I appreciated Jack for his passion and genuine care to better the lives of individuals who are living in unsanitary conditions. More importantly, how he strives to translate this message through film and media. Director, Jessica Yu from GE Focus Forward Films, produced ‘Meet Mr. Toilet’ which depicts Jack just for who he is and what his intentions are as a philanthropist, media mogul, and as Cannes Lions would describe- a true ‘Game Changer’.

photo-48Martha Stewart, Melanie Brown (Scary Spice), and Nick Cannon participated in a celebrity panel discussing their individual uses on social media. The resounding theme was simply, “Be Authentic.”

All three renown figures reinforced the importance of being you, being honest, and never apologizing for being who you are. Although my personal thoughts are a bit contrary just because celebrities and ‘regular-everyday folk’ see life through different lenses. Consequently social media networks are filled with facades and sometimes illusions of the ideal life. Martha Stewart however, reeled the conversation back to reality with this statement. “Young professionals should really be cautious of posting questionable things to social media- employers check everything before meeting you.” I was glad she stated this because it created a balance in the room- and gave us the reality check that although we may admire them, we are NOT celebs! The consequences we may face do not measure up to the slack a celebrity will receive solely because of his or her status.

As people who are always in the public eye, being engaged on social media allows us to take our power back from the paparazzi- Nick Cannon

This quote was quite interesting and made me think how far the digital world has brought us. Just five years ago, the paparazzi would be knocking down the doors of celebrities for their pictures, quotes, and video footage. Now, the majority of this information is readily available to the public with blogs, vlogs, twitter, instagram, and YouTube. The public no longer has to go to websites, magazines, or news sources to affirm what the Nick Cannon’s and Mariah Carey’s of the world are doing- it is all voluntary shared images and information that can be attained directly from them. The paparazzi no longer has the power!

ANIMATION WORKSHOP CASE STUDY (stay tuned to for in depth case study during the week)

Why did I choose the Animation Workshop?

Did I receive what I expected?

Perspective Change?

What Now?

I intend to address the following questions in a detailed manner concerning my personal and professional take-aways as well as how I believe my team members perceived me in this storyboard making process.

Here is a Vine  video I tweeted, containing a snapshot of all the elements that went into  the 15 second animation narrative. (Click on twitter picture and it will redirect you to the vine)


What’s Now?-  Stay tuned throughout the week to see if our group’s animation narrative actually get’s picked to be created!

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Countdown to Cannes… 4 more Days!




Currently in packing and preparation mode for France this week! I truly feel like I am about to live a dream and embark on some fascinating discoveries about myself both personally and professionally.


“Creativity will save us” @MTV shares the thoughts and feelings of Generation Y:

Partial List of brands that will be present at the 66th Annual Cannes Lions Film Festival of Creativity







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Alicia Keys’ Animated Storytelling App for Children


When I think on the Social U tag line “Telling Stories as Powerful as You Are” in addition to making the story and message digital and social- Alicia Keys nails the essence of this through her storytelling app; The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee . I believe each story should have a purpose and target audience. Alicia Keys executed this project so well by immersing life lessons, journaling, and her music within this interactive app. It is important to keep our children up to date socially, mentally, and spiritually, and I believe Keys does a beautiful job of encapsulating a little bit of her life story to support children today who face relative experiences.

“I love the fact that we can introduce different cultures, different stories and different music to a child’s world through this app” -Alicia Keys


 34erpnd appaliciakeys2

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Go Social with Scandal

scandal-screenshotThursday is here! If you are a Scandal fanatic like I am, I know the great anticipating feeling once the countdown to 10:00pm starts! Thankfully we can stay connected and engaged with the show on social media. Below are some ways you can.

Each week, one cast member joins us live from the Scandal set. I thought this is a cool feature to drive viewership and social engagement around the show. Audiences always want to get to know the “REAL YOU” and fortunately Scandal is giving us the chance to live chat with the cast members through video.

This week, Scott Foley (Jake) is answering questions live. You can join the conversation and and ask questions via twitter using the hashtag #Ask Scandal



Below are the Influencers that have made the Scandal vision come alive:


My Blurb About Shonda Rhimes:

Much respect to Shonda Rhimes for creating, SCANDAL, a phenomenally produced series on primetime television! A show that is widely embraced by all color lines and appreciated for its rare innovative authenticity. In my opinion Rhimes has raised the standard of television shows for the future. Not to mention, creating a platform for both current and aspiring Black actors, that they too can anticipate starring as the lead role on a primetime network. It feels great to physically see a reflection of myself on the screen. A Black female character of power, intelligence, transparency , success and pure sexiness. Thank you Shonda for this gift we all eagerly await to watch each and every Thursday! Now that’s the definition of #BOSS ❤#Scandal #Writer #Producer #Director #DreamChaser #PlatformMaker #BlackWoman #Power #ABC #PrimetimeTelevision #Success #Respect

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#SOMEVisualStory Presentation Process: The Power of Visual Storytelling for Brands on Social Media


Click on the photo above to visit my storify to follow the @SOMEVisualStory Twitter discussion

As a visual and video service provider for Social U, I quickly wanted to find out what some of the biggest visual trends for companies were on social media. When the opportunity arose to create a teaching presentation through Dr. Ward’s course, I knew spending time researching this topic would be informative and a great credible source for my business to stand on. Throughout the semester, I set up Google alerts, joined relative twitter chats, and cultivated relationships with business owners and  industry leaders who could tell, show, and prove why visual storytelling is prevalent and vital for any company’s success.

Through my connections with @Ekaterina, @Swonderlin, and @KarenLeland– they took me on a journey that helped me further grasp the notion that photographs, videos, and info graphics are resources to  leverage a company’s business story. You can find their contributions and biographies in one of my prior posts. When Chuck Hemann came to the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications during the Social Commerce week, he said something that stuck with me since: “If your business brand consisted of just images and no text- would your audience understand your business story?” This posed question, I took on as a challenge- it has been my main mission to create a brand where people know and most importantly understand my business. If people understand my brand through visuals, the more credible I am as a visual service provider.

Take a look at My Powerpoint Presentation on Slideshare

Below is a picture of Dr. Ward and I in our Google+ Hangout. During this session we discussed how I should go about the order of my presentation. He suggested I start with some background and statistics on visual learners and the evolution of visual information. For example simple images to this day and age, where the majority of companies use info graphics to create a happy medium between data and visuals. In the Google+ Hangout you can see my Visual Storytelling info graphic I used as a starting point  to build my presentation. You can also find this info graphic in the beginning of my storify.

Google+ Hangout has some neat resources like the google drive and different apps that can be incorporated and utilized in the hangout. It was through this session, I made a conscience decision that Skype or Facetime  is not the only resource to have face-to-face interactions. Google+ has many innovative elements , making their platform more favorable- especially for bi-costal interviewing.


After my presentation I did some research and the following Analytics came up for my presentation Hashtag. The resources I used  are Social mentions and Tweet Reach.

Analytics for #SOMEVisualStory’s Overall Reach

photo-26 photo-27photo-28

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#SOMEVisualStory Presents: The Power of Visual Storytelling for Brands on Social Media

Meet  #SOMEVisualStory Industry Leaders & Contributors

Ekaterina Walter

Image Ekaterina Walter is a social media innovator at Intel and author of the WSJ bestselling book “Think Like Zuck”. A recognized business and marketing thought leader, she is a sought-after speaker and a regular contributor to leading-edge print and online publications. She sits on a Board of Directors of Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and is an active member of the Thunderbird Global Council at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Tweet Ekaterina: @Ekaterina


SWonderlin_TwitterStephanie Wonderlin

Stephanie currently works as the Senior Manager of Client Services at Momentum Factor in Austin, Texas.  Momentum Factor is a full-service social media and online marketing mangagement firm specializing in the direct selling industry. Helping with social strategy as well as community development.As the host of Tweetheart TV on YouTube, Stephanie gives tips, social media marketing information, book reviews and is frequently asked to contribute video content on behalf of large companies.

Tweet Stephanie: @Swonderlin

Karen Leland

Karen LelandKaren Leland is the President of Sterling Marketing Group, where she helps authors, experts, small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies build stronger brands and businesses using The Modern Marketing Pyramid™ method,— a strategic and comprehensive approach that integrates business development, branding, content/Internet marketing, public relations and social media.
Karen Leland is the best-selling author of seven books, which have sold over 350,000 copies and been translated into ten other languages including German, Spanish and Korean. www.KarenLeland.com

Tweet Karen: @KarenLeland

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Social Fresh Headshot Branding

The business competition is fierce and you need photographs that visually articulate your personal brand. This is true whether you are looking to get promoted within your current firm, are hoping to be invited as a keynote speaker at your industry’s next conference, or are a small business owner and entrepreneur. Your photo is usually how people first connect with you and you definitely want to create a memorable and authentic positive impression.

“Young, Social, Fresh, Innovative, and Ready to Take on the World ” is how my photographer, Marisa Pankow described me…I am highly pleased to say, the qualities she described are emulated through her photography passion.

Headshot Branding for Business

Let Your Personality Shine through the Photograph. Your image is the first impression of your Business


Great photo shoot Friday night for website launch. Glad to be meeting talented powerful women who are helping bring the SOCIAL U brand to life. Now I’ll never forget the term “turtleneck”. Thanks Marisa! This was awesome!

Check her out: Marisa Marie Photography 



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The ‘Pearl View’ storify event with Oliver Starr

“Pearltrees is more of a library. More quiet, relaxed, and less nosey. You follow topics instead of people.” – Oliver Starr, Pearltrees Chief Evangelist

Click on above photo to follow information discussed with Oliver Starr in my storify

Pearltrees is a visual and collaborative curation tool that allows users to collect, organize and share any URL they find online as well as to upload personal photos and notes. The product features a unique visual interface that allows users to drag and organize collected URLs into units called pearls that themselves can be further organized in a hierarchical structure with pearltrees.  As part of the product’s social features, Pearltrees users can synchronize their accounts with both Twitter and Facebook. This bi-directional functionality supports the collection of new pearls each time a link is shared

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A conversation with Award Winning Gospel Artist Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell packed the house at last year’s Music and Youth Convention. She graciously sat down to talk about the Following:

-Sunday’s Best
-Social Media Engagement: Twitter
-Music Advice
-Whitney Houston

Listen to the interview below:


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