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Lions Innovation Kicks off 60th Annual Cannes Festival of Creativity


Here at Cannes, it all starts with innovation. Just on this very first preliminary day I am in full acknowledgement and acceptance that in order to stand out- there has to be something dynamic and different that drives your creative juices to reach the masses.


This was evident in all of the short Lion Innovation presentations. From digital t-shirts to an app for window shopping, the idea, purpose, and the who cares? factor is all a part of the innovation’s success. ¬†Below are a list of presentations and pictures of innovators who stood before the Cannes Lions judges to pitch their ongoing, working prototype in hopes to win and ultimately receive more business exposure. By watching this, I was able to gain an understanding on what is buzzing, wanted, and respected in this social, digital marketing age. Most interestingly, I was able to see and hear first-hand how the Advertising industry leaders in France measure effective versus ineffective digital marketing

Vision Shift System

Click Twitter picture below to redirect you to the vine i produced on the Vision Shift System presentation




Window Shopping App



My all time favorite presentation was Google’s hyperlapse presentation. I believe this idea has the ability to change the world, and this is what being a Game Changer is all about. It’s using what has already been provided and working on changing it to fit the needs of individuals that may not even realize the great benefit of the invention initially. As a young video producer and storyteller, it is always refreshing to see how differently people are using video. Below is a screenshot of the twitter discussion that took place during this dynamically innovative idea. Quite often I observe not only how I react to ideas, but how others react, and their level of engagement towards a topic- this is how I personally decide if the idea has a secure foundation to stand upon and soar. The Google Hyperlapse has just that!



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Countdown to Cannes… 4 more Days!




Currently in packing and preparation mode for France this week! I truly feel like I am about to live a dream and embark on some fascinating discoveries about myself both personally and professionally.


“Creativity will save us” @MTV shares the thoughts and feelings of Generation Y:

Partial List of brands that will be present at the 66th Annual Cannes Lions Film Festival of Creativity







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