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Love will set you Free: Love Messages in Music


The great Stevie Wonder says it best himself, “Music is a World within itself, with a language we all understand”

There is such awesome power in music. It is powerful to see how lyrics and melodies translate over acoustic drums or instrumental strings. When the two forces of love lyrics and music combine it is a force to reckon with. Whether I’ve had a bad day, getting prepared to pray, or celebrate- music is always that one phenomenon factor that can and will take me to that place I desire to be.

Today I want to talk specifically about Love messages in Music. When I reflect on the word  LOVE, I automatically think of Christ’s unconditional Love for the world, and how he gave his life so that we might be forgiven, have everlasting life if we so choose, and live life abundantly. He is the source of Love and he commands all of us to operate, speak, and live in this same manner- LOVE.


Below I have chosen some of my top LOVE songs that I would like to share. I have also picked out my favorite lines in each. Each of these songs have served as great reminders about God’s Love, what Love can do when it is constantly practiced, and how LOVE can simply set you free. Set you free of all bondage, shame, bad attitudes and spirits, and much more. Most importantly it is the LOVE or lack of LOVE that drives our thinking and actions. I encourage you to make a playlist of some of your favorite love songs that will motivate you to live in love each and every day. I hope even some of my song selections can help you on this ever-evolving Love Journey.


LOVE SETS YOU FREE- Kelly Price & Friends

I opened up with my heart
There was no doubt
That hatred pulls you in
And love pulls you out
If you believe in faith you will never fall
Love will take you higher than any wall

LOVE- Kirk Franklin

The nights that i cry you love me
when i should have died you love me
I’ll never know why you love me
its a mystery to me now that i can finally see Jesus

LOVE- Musiq Soulchild

At first you didn’t mean that much to me
But now I know that you’re all I need
The world looks so brand new to me
Now that I found love

THIS LOVE- Mary Mary featuring Fred Hammond

When you say love
You use it so lightly
But when I think of it
This is what comes to me
Loving me, where I am
How I am
Just for who I am
All my good and bad
Sure you think
It’s not a possibility
Something so pure it changes me
When after all these years it’s still
The same
Just as strong as it was on the first day


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Let Tomorrow Worry About Itself

124341639682897515_at9yjN6K_cLiving in a fast paced world, we are constantly looking and striving to complete the next chore on our to-do list, thus sometimes leaving our minds filled with worry and grief about what tomorrow may bring because of what may have been left undone. As I write this currently, I have so many ‘to-dos’ that must be completed by the end of the week. I found myself getting to a place of worry and uncertainty, however I am reminded that worrying only defers my capability to think, act, and live in the present. Moreover with God all things are possible, and through HIM all things that we set to do, can and will be accomplished. When you find yourself worrying about the future or the troubles of the next day- ask God for his guidance, to release your troubled mind, and for your faith to to be heightened through the process of trusting that all WILL work out. What’s awesome about  having access to God’s word- is that there is POWER in it when you believe, trust and act on it. ASK, SEEK, KNOCK and what you ask for will be given. ask-seek-knocktumblr_mjidluBaK91qhmhdfo1_500

There should be a  definite balance between being nonchalant and conscience about our life responsibilities. I am not suggesting we be carefree about dreams, duties, and deadlines-for faith is dead without actively working towards what we think and seek. There is a clear distinguishable result  between a  mind that is full of worries, and anxieties versus a mind that is  aware, conscience and MINDFUL. I love the illustration below, as it portrays how we can miss out on the awesomeness of living in the present by having a mind full of clutter from yesterday’s mistakes and worrying about tomorrow’s occurrences.



For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.- Jeremiah 29;11

God does not want his people to have troubled and burdened minds about tomorrow- he wants us to have a peace of mind about today and  trust that his strength living through us will sustain us  for tomorrow’s encounters. Below is a video of a song that I think and meditate on often. Kelly Price singing -“I know who holds Tomorrow” this song is a constant reminder that I dont have to worry about tomorrow because I have an assurance of who holds my future, and who holds my hand through whatever I may face. I hope this song helps you release your worries about tomorrow, and puts faith, reassurance, and confidence within your spirit to face tomorrow boldly!

Take it One Day at a Time!


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Friends Sharpen the Minds of Friends

You may have heard the phrase “Iron Sharpens Iron”, it is my goal to outline where this phrase has derived from, what it means, and how we should use this reference as a reminder as we maintain, build, and form relationships with others around us. The scripture “iron sharpens iron” is found in Proverbs 27:17: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” There is reciprocal benefit in the rubbing of two iron blades together; the edges become sharper, making the blades more efficient in their task to cut and slice. Likewise the Word of God is a ‘double-edged sword’ Hebrews 4:12 , it is with this that we are to sharpen one another—in times of encouragement, meeting, or any other encounter.

lt is important to have people in our lives that mean us good and have our best interest at heart. We live in a world where everyone is looking for encouragement, props, and even conversations solely centered around them- although it is great to have friends and a team that is continually in your corner- you want to make sure that this action of sharpening is mutual. All friendships and relationships should be give and take- and it is vital to evaluate what you are giving out as well as what is being given to you.



I love this quote from Oprah Winfrey. It is healthy to evaluate who is around you. Who are you spending time with? How are they mentally, spiritually, and emotionally helping you get to your destiny? We can physically be around people all the time, but if there isn’t a mutual positive deposit in one another’s lives- you may want to ask yourself-how is this time I’m spending and whom I’m spending it with supporting me in my dreams, endeavors, and overall well-being?

After the evaluation of friends, circles, and associates in our lives- it is also healthy to be aware of people who may give constructive criticism. As important as it is to have people in our lives to encourage us and prop us up on every leaning side- it is just as important if not MORE to have truth tellers in our midst who can challenge our ways of thinking. Often times, it is human nature to be defensive or shy away from elements that another individual may bring, because it stretches us to think outside the ‘normal way’ we’ve always thought and operated in. I encourage you today to embrace getting out of your comfort zone and embrace the truth, and the people that will help you become your sharpest self , for IRON SHARPENS IRON!

photo-44 photo-43


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Bearing Good Fruit

Over the past week, I’ve found myself  doing an abundance of self reflection. Throughout the process of observing myself and observing others, it has become clearer to me that spiritual wholeness is the number one  element that will distinguish right from wrong and truth from deceit. We live in a world where the majority of people live their lives reactively instead of proactively- and I too have been guilty of this. The great thing I love about the Bible is that it is a resource to find guidance and help we need through any situation we may encounter. Today I want to share the Galations 5:22 scripture; it outlines the Fruits of the Spirit. This scripture has helped me live my life more proactively and it is a constant reminder to uphold God’s spiritual standard versus  the worlds standard. LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, AND SELF CONTROL photo-38 Bearing Good Fruit Today’s Daily Devotional Scripture is below and I wanted to share this because as a woman, I believe the first steps to fearing God is receiving his love and striving to take on his characteristics. This scripture is a reminder that beauty fades and charm can be deceitful,  but the real substance about one’s character is in the fruit in which they bear. So many women in pop-culture and in the media are praised for their beauty and outward accomplishments but it is the spirit in which we carry, portray, and operate in that will bear a fruitful life. This scripture challenges me to ask myself daily: What fruit are you bearing? photo-37 The Fruits of the Spirit derive from God’s Love, inherently making LOVE the most important of all of the nine attributes because it is the acknowledgement, receipt and act  of LOVE that drives us to be motivated to take on the rest of the fruits of the spirit. I love Joyce Meyer’s quote about God’s Love- I use it as motivational starting point to bear good fruit

How do you love your neighbor? First, you must learn to receive God’s love for yourself. Until then, you can’t truly love anyone else. You may do all the right things, but your motivation will be all wrong. – Joyce Meyer

Below is a Fruit of the Spirit Scripture Chart which explains what each of the nine attributes mean and biblical scripture references photo-30



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Speaking out Righteously


In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to honor my mother all week, and highlight her as the main messenger for this week’s inspirational post. Below is a video of Deborah Briggs speaking to a group of women about finding their voices in God, and letting God’s message and approach be the motivation for speaking righteously into any situation that may be encountered. I hope the video inspires you as it spoke into my life as it was captured, edited, and produced. The workshop is called “Open Your Mouth”


photo(3)From the time that I was younger, my mother always taught me to speak in love. This is one truth I have held close to my heart. Words are powerful, and when you speak, it is important to build up instead of tearing down. I am thankful for a God-fearing mother who has taught me to Speak life.

So much wisdom, courage and strength. I am proud to say our relationship has grown beyond just a maternal one but blossomed into a a woman-to-woman relationship. My spiritual advisor, encourager, comic relief, realness and overall extraordinary spirit. If I’m half the woman she is, I will be truly blessed and content. ❤❤❤ my Mommy! #thatsMyMama #Mother #Inspiration #Fly #ShesIt



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Entrepreneur vs. Employee





I love this video. It demonstrates the differences in work ethic, thinking and determination between an entrepreneur and employee. More importantly shows the benefits one can reap when putting in the hard work with expectancy, integrity, and faith.



photo (7)18246_371427139609230_152846298_n

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Lose to Win


Upon much reflection, prayer and review- it is clear to me that God takes us all through our experiences for the greater good. Throughout this post, I will list some recent circumstances I went through that has  equipped me and taught me how to be more appreciative during this current season of my life. These experiences have inspired this post. When it seems like your losing and nothing is going in your favor, just know that it is this process that is leading you on the path to Winning.

During the end of 2011, I moved to Syracuse, NY for job. After just two weeks of being on the job, I was let go. I was devastated and in a very low place. I felt like I had uprooted my whole life for nothing. As I write and share this- this is even freeing for me- because most who are  close to me- didn’t know this occurred. I was ashamed, and THOUGHT I had lost everything I worked to build. For about 2 months I was out of work, without money, behind on all my bills- this was just a dry season in life for me. In Addition to being out of work, I was going through a tough break-up and my Grandmother passed in the beginning of 2012. This season of life was beyond difficult, but it was through this season, I turned to God like never before. I reflected on the book of Philippians- specifically chapter 3. I must admit, when I first received the job offer, I was a tad bit haughty and relying on my own strength- God quickly observed this and stripped all of what I held on pedestal, away from me. It was through this time, that I knew, that everything I gained or received from that day on was ONLY because of him, not me. Once I grasped this truth, I then saw God changing and shifting everything for the better


It is ironic how God show’s his sense of humor and love for us. On February 14, 2102,  (Valentines Day) I started my new job within the Public Relations and News office at Syracuse University. I also was accepted into the Kauffman Entrepreneur Fellowship where I began developing my business, SOCIAL U, and moved into my own apartment. I thank God everyday for friends and family who supported me spiritually, financially, and emotionally- I definitely couldn’t have done it without them. Below is one of my reflections I shared on Instagram on December 2, 2012.


I want to encourage you today to stay strong, faithful, and prayerful- even if you are in your dry season. Know that God has a plan. When you are stripped from all your earthly possessions or whatever the specific circumstance may be, you are not losing…but in the process of Winning. Embrace your ‘losing’ season so that you can be ready for your WIN!


“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”- Jim Elliot


In this song Fantasia is specifically singing about a relationship where her partner is no longer willing to make the relationship work. Although I know many of us can relate to this, I thought it was important to share as a message of life. Sometimes we can miss what God has for our lives because we are so caught up in the present, making the present work, and holding on- when in reality these situations are only hurting and hindering our process. During the process of letting go it may feel like your losing everything, but the truth is, there is only more to gain once you let go of circumstances, past experiences, and people you are allowing to block you from WINNING.

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Acknowledgement of God will Make Your Paths Straight

roadsignsyellow In this life we can be pulled in many different directions, often making it uncertain which path we should take, which opportunity to embark on, and what venture to start. Thankfully we have been given a great resource so that we don’t have to rely on our own strength.


No matter how much we know, or think we know- God know’s our lives from beginning to end- and he has our paths charted and planned. It is wise to use the power of prayer to seek and acknowledge him in all that we do, before we do it- so that our paths become refined and purposeful.


If you are unsure, waiting on an answer, and want to make the best decision. I encourage you to seek God and acknowledge his presence in your life. When we relinquish control to God- we then, can soar to higher heights and most importantly, we will have a greater understanding of our purpose, so that we aren’t wavering or wasting time by making our own rash decisions.



This act of Acknowledging God is the first step, however we have to TRUST him through the process as well. Trusting, having faith, and believing him that he will do what he says is important for the best manifestationTrustInTheLordscriptitsnotmuch Follow me on IG: LB_Newzrep

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This Week’s Instagram Truth: Rejoicing in the Success of Others


Celebrating others can seem like an easy thing to do, but I know from personal experiences, when turmoil, hardship, and transition is occurring in your personal life, the act of celebrating someone else can be difficult. I remember being fresh out of school and having a hard time finding work. Everyone around me was receiving job offers and moving to different states for their perspective industries. It was in those times, I made a choice to rejoice with them- although, I was truly elated for them- I couldn’t help but ask God, “When will my time come?” I remained faithful and consistent in my sacrificial joy, happiness, and celebration for others believing that the same God that provided and blessed those surrounding me, would do the same for me- and HE DID!

This was my truth, and my personal experience with the job hunt, however I know everyone has their own desires, goals, and aspirations. For you it may be finding a partner, buying a home, or losing weight. Whatever your desire may be- know that God does all things well in his timing for you. So when you see others basking in their blessings…Bask and celebrate with them! Your blessing and transition for the better is right around the corner.


Rejoicing and feeling happy for other’s success is a sign of a great giver. We should wish unto others what we wish for ourselves. People who feel miserable about others’ success have a difficult time being content with life. Everyone is fighting their own battle and when success shows up for them, it is a relief and usually an outcome of hard work. Rejoicing with others does not take away anything from your life, but instead only adds and enhances- because you reap what you sew.



I encourage you to Make a Choice to Rejoice in someone else’s triumph and victory today. Be an Encourager and a participant in the great things that are happening in others lives.



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I am WISE: Highlights of #WISE2013 Symposium

The WISE Symposium:

What others dream about, WISE women do! On April 16, 2013, the Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (WISE) Symposium will host its 11th annual event. Over the past decade, WISE has been synonymous with entrepreneurial excellence and has grown to become the premier event not only for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, but for anyone active in the business community — from corporate to aspiring entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, start-ups and growth business owners, and anyone interested in networking with smart, savvy women in business.

LindseyWiseStagephoto (1)

Business Pitch for #WISE2013 went exceptionally well. This experience was hands down one of the best days of my career. I was one of two volunteers who presented my business; SOCIAL U to Keynote Speaker, Nell Merlino and more than 1,000 women.  I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Nell for 45 minutes. She gave me great advice on understanding my numbers and how to  make millions with SOCIAL U.

photo (8)

(From Left: Janelle Fields, Eileen Price, Chris Belna, Susan King, Adele Cole-Brown, and Lisa Miller)

The Power of Us break-out session was beyond victorious. I had the pleasure of working with these incredible six ladies- producing four short video stories that highlighted businesses they’ve helped in their individual fields. A few women who attended this break-out workshop said it was the highlight of their time at WISE! That’s a true example of The Power of Us! A special thank you to all of you for a successful presentation and for helping me promote my business at WISE!

photo (3)  photo (2)

My business counselor, Cindy Masingill- She was one of the first people who believed in SOCIAL U and encouraged me to move forward. She always said “Your video and social media  services have great value- you are no longer an upcoming entrepreneur- YOU ARE IN BUSINESS!”

Cindy was proud to see two of her clients pitching at the event.

photo (6)  photo (7)

(Top: Gwen Webber-McLeod. Bottom: Karin Franklin-King)

Gwen is a great mentor in business and life- I was overjoyed to see her in my view upon completing my business pitch at WISE. She rushed over to me with a big embrace stating how proud she was and asked with a big smile on her face, “Do you see your growth?” . Gwen has the ultimate gift of inspiring, building and encouraging women to be leaders. Gwen, Inc. business motto is: Because Leadership Is Not A Job To Be Done Alone.

Karin is my former professor from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication. In addition to her teaching she is a power-house in the Central New York community, through her public affairs broadcasts, artistry and motivational speeches. It was great seeing her at WISE and such an honor for her to say “Lindsey, I am hearing great buzz words about you. I am your fan .”

photo (10)photo (5)

(Top: Joanne Lenweaver. Bottom: Lindsay Wickham)

A very special thanks to both these ladies for putting on yet another wonderful WISE Symposium!

I met Joanne;  the director of the WISE Women’s Business Center in 2010, and since our relationship has grown into a  mentoring and friendship relationship. Her leadership with WISE, is what has helped propel  me forward in entrepreneurship.

Lindsay is the event planner for the WISE Symposium and a coordinator at the Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University. Besides us sharing the same name, she is an awesome, young  resource who also interviewed me for the WISE Woman feature in October 2012.

Click photo below to visit my storify on the WISE Symposium event.


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