Play Does Matter: A new way of embracing fun in Animation Storytelling



Why did I choose the Animation Workshop?

I chose this workshop because  storytelling is now the new buzz word we all hear in the communications creative space, and as a producer you have to be able see the story, convey the story, and leverage it so that it is appealing to those who are going to view and potential sharers. At the Cirkus “My Animation Rules” workshop the company asks delegates to use mix media in a simple production. Me and eight other delegates ignited our imagination with the basics of storytelling and creativity. The workshop generated a number of 3D characters and animated object passes. These can be characters walking, falling over,, running or jumping cycles, rising, rolling over or just solely objects that can be placed in an environment.


Did I receive what I expected?

I went into this workshop thinking it would be great to collaborate with others. It was really my main goal to observe how others reacted to my ideas and how well I reacted to theirs, even if   we did not agree. We were put into teams and asked to create the narrative and environment for the 3D figures to live in. The take-away, was to think beyond one production platform and open my mind to mix the 3D materials with any media; this could be live in action to digital stills.

Perspective Change?

Throughout the entire Cannes Festival, it is evident that storytelling is the current and future of marking, advertising and media. I came to the festival to enhance the storytelling facets within my mind so that I can think outside the box. It was really through the prior seminars I attended earlier in the week that made me think differently about storytelling and created excitement for this workshop. Coke’s seminar really showed how important it is to have values and foundation of culture for your stories to really make the story effective and reach a lot of people.

Below is an example of how Fanta is being fun with their brand. After watching this it was evident to me that brands need some fun and play does matter when brands and companies desire to engage with their audiences.

Interactive designs fans play their own way trough the story

What Now?

We all enjoy a good story, whether it’s a novel, a movie, or simply something one of our friends is explaining to us. But why do we feel so much more engaged when we hear a narrative about events?

It’s in fact quite simple. If we listen to a powerpoint presentation with boring bullet points, a certain part in the brain gets activated. When we are being told a story, things change dramatically. Not only are the language processing parts in our brain.

Some ideas I took away from Storytelling and brand marketing campaign:

 The conventional market

This is your brand’s world — and as you brainstorm your pillars of content, you should know and be able to define the conventional:

  • What does your market look like?
  • Where are your competitors situated?
  • Why do they currently identify with your brand?

Crossing into the unfamiliar

  • This is where you burn the ships so that you can’t go back. Ultimately, in your content marketing, your brand must take a definitive point of view that is differentiated — and it will cross into your new “what if?” idea. This is the unknown — and it’s what you are exploring:
    • How will you communicate this crossing into this new idea — this new adventure?
    • How will you lead your audience into this new unknown with you?


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