Speaking out Righteously


In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to honor my mother all week, and highlight her as the main messenger for this week’s inspirational post. Below is a video of Deborah Briggs speaking to a group of women about finding their voices in God, and letting God’s message and approach be the motivation for speaking righteously into any situation that may be encountered. I hope the video inspires you as it spoke into my life as it was captured, edited, and produced. The workshop is called “Open Your Mouth”


photo(3)From the time that I was younger, my mother always taught me to speak in love. This is one truth I have held close to my heart. Words are powerful, and when you speak, it is important to build up instead of tearing down. I am thankful for a God-fearing mother who has taught me to Speak life.

So much wisdom, courage and strength. I am proud to say our relationship has grown beyond just a maternal one but blossomed into a a woman-to-woman relationship. My spiritual advisor, encourager, comic relief, realness and overall extraordinary spirit. If I’m half the woman she is, I will be truly blessed and content. ❤❤❤ my Mommy! #thatsMyMama #Mother #Inspiration #Fly #ShesIt



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3 thoughts on “Speaking out Righteously

  1. Monet Ledbetter-Glaude says:

    Great tribute to your mom. I’m sure she is everything you said in your blog. She is a beautiful person inside and out.

  2. Cammie says:

    Thank You for sharing this inspiring video, Lindsey. You my dear continue to shine. The Lord is truly moving in the lives of Women. True accolades for Deborah Briggs for allowing the Lord to use her in this arena and addressing the importance of spiritual fitness (physically and emotionally. Being spiritually FIT is the true essence of being a Woman of God and allowing him to shape our lives. I am blessed and we are all blessed when Women (young girls and maidens) are encouraged and compassionate and brought to a higher level of awareness. Hallelujah to being the true Ruths and Naomis of today!!! #beautiful

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