#SOMEVisualStory Presentation Process: The Power of Visual Storytelling for Brands on Social Media


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As a visual and video service provider for Social U, I quickly wanted to find out what some of the biggest visual trends for companies were on social media. When the opportunity arose to create a teaching presentation through Dr. Ward’s course, I knew spending time researching this topic would be informative and a great credible source for my business to stand on. Throughout the semester, I set up Google alerts, joined relative twitter chats, and cultivated relationships with business owners and  industry leaders who could tell, show, and prove why visual storytelling is prevalent and vital for any company’s success.

Through my connections with @Ekaterina, @Swonderlin, and @KarenLeland– they took me on a journey that helped me further grasp the notion that photographs, videos, and info graphics are resources to  leverage a company’s business story. You can find their contributions and biographies in one of my prior posts. When Chuck Hemann came to the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications during the Social Commerce week, he said something that stuck with me since: “If your business brand consisted of just images and no text- would your audience understand your business story?” This posed question, I took on as a challenge- it has been my main mission to create a brand where people know and most importantly understand my business. If people understand my brand through visuals, the more credible I am as a visual service provider.

Take a look at My Powerpoint Presentation on Slideshare

Below is a picture of Dr. Ward and I in our Google+ Hangout. During this session we discussed how I should go about the order of my presentation. He suggested I start with some background and statistics on visual learners and the evolution of visual information. For example simple images to this day and age, where the majority of companies use info graphics to create a happy medium between data and visuals. In the Google+ Hangout you can see my Visual Storytelling info graphic I used as a starting point  to build my presentation. You can also find this info graphic in the beginning of my storify.

Google+ Hangout has some neat resources like the google drive and different apps that can be incorporated and utilized in the hangout. It was through this session, I made a conscience decision that Skype or Facetime  is not the only resource to have face-to-face interactions. Google+ has many innovative elements , making their platform more favorable- especially for bi-costal interviewing.


After my presentation I did some research and the following Analytics came up for my presentation Hashtag. The resources I used  are Social mentions and Tweet Reach.

Analytics for #SOMEVisualStory’s Overall Reach

photo-26 photo-27photo-28

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2 thoughts on “#SOMEVisualStory Presentation Process: The Power of Visual Storytelling for Brands on Social Media

  1. Got the message and very credible coming from accomplished professionals. Keep up the good work, Lindsey!

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