Acknowledgement of God will Make Your Paths Straight

roadsignsyellow In this life we can be pulled in many different directions, often making it uncertain which path we should take, which opportunity to embark on, and what venture to start. Thankfully we have been given a great resource so that we don’t have to rely on our own strength.


No matter how much we know, or think we know- God know’s our lives from beginning to end- and he has our paths charted and planned. It is wise to use the power of prayer to seek and acknowledge him in all that we do, before we do it- so that our paths become refined and purposeful.


If you are unsure, waiting on an answer, and want to make the best decision. I encourage you to seek God and acknowledge his presence in your life. When we relinquish control to God- we then, can soar to higher heights and most importantly, we will have a greater understanding of our purpose, so that we aren’t wavering or wasting time by making our own rash decisions.



This act of Acknowledging God is the first step, however we have to TRUST him through the process as well. Trusting, having faith, and believing him that he will do what he says is important for the best manifestationTrustInTheLordscriptitsnotmuch Follow me on IG: LB_Newzrep

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