This Week’s Instagram Truth: Rejoicing in the Success of Others


Celebrating others can seem like an easy thing to do, but I know from personal experiences, when turmoil, hardship, and transition is occurring in your personal life, the act of celebrating someone else can be difficult. I remember being fresh out of school and having a hard time finding work. Everyone around me was receiving job offers and moving to different states for their perspective industries. It was in those times, I made a choice to rejoice with them- although, I was truly elated for them- I couldn’t help but ask God, “When will my time come?” I remained faithful and consistent in my sacrificial joy, happiness, and celebration for others believing that the same God that provided and blessed those surrounding me, would do the same for me- and HE DID!

This was my truth, and my personal experience with the job hunt, however I know everyone has their own desires, goals, and aspirations. For you it may be finding a partner, buying a home, or losing weight. Whatever your desire may be- know that God does all things well in his timing for you. So when you see others basking in their blessings…Bask and celebrate with them! Your blessing and transition for the better is right around the corner.


Rejoicing and feeling happy for other’s success is a sign of a great giver. We should wish unto others what we wish for ourselves. People who feel miserable about others’ success have a difficult time being content with life. Everyone is fighting their own battle and when success shows up for them, it is a relief and usually an outcome of hard work. Rejoicing with others does not take away anything from your life, but instead only adds and enhances- because you reap what you sew.



I encourage you to Make a Choice to Rejoice in someone else’s triumph and victory today. Be an Encourager and a participant in the great things that are happening in others lives.



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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Instagram Truth: Rejoicing in the Success of Others

  1. Deborah Briggs says:

    What a WORD! You’ve learned well! Rejoicing with and for YOU always..Mom

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