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Acknowledgement of God will Make Your Paths Straight

roadsignsyellow In this life we can be pulled in many different directions, often making it uncertain which path we should take, which opportunity to embark on, and what venture to start. Thankfully we have been given a great resource so that we don’t have to rely on our own strength.


No matter how much we know, or think we know- God know’s our lives from beginning to end- and he has our paths charted and planned. It is wise to use the power of prayer to seek and acknowledge him in all that we do, before we do it- so that our paths become refined and purposeful.


If you are unsure, waiting on an answer, and want to make the best decision. I encourage you to seek God and acknowledge his presence in your life. When we relinquish control to God- we then, can soar to higher heights and most importantly, we will have a greater understanding of our purpose, so that we aren’t wavering or wasting time by making our own rash decisions.



This act of Acknowledging God is the first step, however we have to TRUST him through the process as well. Trusting, having faith, and believing him that he will do what he says is important for the best manifestationTrustInTheLordscriptitsnotmuch Follow me on IG: LB_Newzrep

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#SOMEVisualStory Presents: The Power of Visual Storytelling for Brands on Social Media

Meet  #SOMEVisualStory Industry Leaders & Contributors

Ekaterina Walter

Image Ekaterina Walter is a social media innovator at Intel and author of the WSJ bestselling book “Think Like Zuck”. A recognized business and marketing thought leader, she is a sought-after speaker and a regular contributor to leading-edge print and online publications. She sits on a Board of Directors of Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and is an active member of the Thunderbird Global Council at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Tweet Ekaterina: @Ekaterina


SWonderlin_TwitterStephanie Wonderlin

Stephanie currently works as the Senior Manager of Client Services at Momentum Factor in Austin, Texas.  Momentum Factor is a full-service social media and online marketing mangagement firm specializing in the direct selling industry. Helping with social strategy as well as community development.As the host of Tweetheart TV on YouTube, Stephanie gives tips, social media marketing information, book reviews and is frequently asked to contribute video content on behalf of large companies.

Tweet Stephanie: @Swonderlin

Karen Leland

Karen LelandKaren Leland is the President of Sterling Marketing Group, where she helps authors, experts, small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies build stronger brands and businesses using The Modern Marketing Pyramid™ method,— a strategic and comprehensive approach that integrates business development, branding, content/Internet marketing, public relations and social media.
Karen Leland is the best-selling author of seven books, which have sold over 350,000 copies and been translated into ten other languages including German, Spanish and Korean.

Tweet Karen: @KarenLeland

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This Week’s Instagram Truth: Rejoicing in the Success of Others


Celebrating others can seem like an easy thing to do, but I know from personal experiences, when turmoil, hardship, and transition is occurring in your personal life, the act of celebrating someone else can be difficult. I remember being fresh out of school and having a hard time finding work. Everyone around me was receiving job offers and moving to different states for their perspective industries. It was in those times, I made a choice to rejoice with them- although, I was truly elated for them- I couldn’t help but ask God, “When will my time come?” I remained faithful and consistent in my sacrificial joy, happiness, and celebration for others believing that the same God that provided and blessed those surrounding me, would do the same for me- and HE DID!

This was my truth, and my personal experience with the job hunt, however I know everyone has their own desires, goals, and aspirations. For you it may be finding a partner, buying a home, or losing weight. Whatever your desire may be- know that God does all things well in his timing for you. So when you see others basking in their blessings…Bask and celebrate with them! Your blessing and transition for the better is right around the corner.


Rejoicing and feeling happy for other’s success is a sign of a great giver. We should wish unto others what we wish for ourselves. People who feel miserable about others’ success have a difficult time being content with life. Everyone is fighting their own battle and when success shows up for them, it is a relief and usually an outcome of hard work. Rejoicing with others does not take away anything from your life, but instead only adds and enhances- because you reap what you sew.



I encourage you to Make a Choice to Rejoice in someone else’s triumph and victory today. Be an Encourager and a participant in the great things that are happening in others lives.



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I am WISE: Highlights of #WISE2013 Symposium

The WISE Symposium:

What others dream about, WISE women do! On April 16, 2013, the Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (WISE) Symposium will host its 11th annual event. Over the past decade, WISE has been synonymous with entrepreneurial excellence and has grown to become the premier event not only for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, but for anyone active in the business community — from corporate to aspiring entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, start-ups and growth business owners, and anyone interested in networking with smart, savvy women in business.

LindseyWiseStagephoto (1)

Business Pitch for #WISE2013 went exceptionally well. This experience was hands down one of the best days of my career. I was one of two volunteers who presented my business; SOCIAL U to Keynote Speaker, Nell Merlino and more than 1,000 women.  I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Nell for 45 minutes. She gave me great advice on understanding my numbers and how to  make millions with SOCIAL U.

photo (8)

(From Left: Janelle Fields, Eileen Price, Chris Belna, Susan King, Adele Cole-Brown, and Lisa Miller)

The Power of Us break-out session was beyond victorious. I had the pleasure of working with these incredible six ladies- producing four short video stories that highlighted businesses they’ve helped in their individual fields. A few women who attended this break-out workshop said it was the highlight of their time at WISE! That’s a true example of The Power of Us! A special thank you to all of you for a successful presentation and for helping me promote my business at WISE!

photo (3)  photo (2)

My business counselor, Cindy Masingill- She was one of the first people who believed in SOCIAL U and encouraged me to move forward. She always said “Your video and social media  services have great value- you are no longer an upcoming entrepreneur- YOU ARE IN BUSINESS!”

Cindy was proud to see two of her clients pitching at the event.

photo (6)  photo (7)

(Top: Gwen Webber-McLeod. Bottom: Karin Franklin-King)

Gwen is a great mentor in business and life- I was overjoyed to see her in my view upon completing my business pitch at WISE. She rushed over to me with a big embrace stating how proud she was and asked with a big smile on her face, “Do you see your growth?” . Gwen has the ultimate gift of inspiring, building and encouraging women to be leaders. Gwen, Inc. business motto is: Because Leadership Is Not A Job To Be Done Alone.

Karin is my former professor from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication. In addition to her teaching she is a power-house in the Central New York community, through her public affairs broadcasts, artistry and motivational speeches. It was great seeing her at WISE and such an honor for her to say “Lindsey, I am hearing great buzz words about you. I am your fan .”

photo (10)photo (5)

(Top: Joanne Lenweaver. Bottom: Lindsay Wickham)

A very special thanks to both these ladies for putting on yet another wonderful WISE Symposium!

I met Joanne;  the director of the WISE Women’s Business Center in 2010, and since our relationship has grown into a  mentoring and friendship relationship. Her leadership with WISE, is what has helped propel  me forward in entrepreneurship.

Lindsay is the event planner for the WISE Symposium and a coordinator at the Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University. Besides us sharing the same name, she is an awesome, young  resource who also interviewed me for the WISE Woman feature in October 2012.

Click photo below to visit my storify on the WISE Symposium event.


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Prayers For Boston, Prayers for Our World



Two explosions ripped through the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. The triumph of crossing the finish line turned into tragedy as two blasts rocked the end of the 26.2-mile trek. A third incident, a fire at JFK Library, was also reported, though was later considered to be unconnected to the earlier bombings. The explosions have left more than 175 injured and three dead.
The Braxton Sisters sing an encouraging snippit of the “Lord’s Prayer” for Boston, MA

No one benefits from just talking about the importance or idea of prayer. Instead let’s Collectively and Actively DO IT to see change!




No matter where I may reside or travel, I love my city. Overwhelmed by the happenings of yesterday, but know We will recover #Boston #Prayer #Strong#BostonMarathon #Overcome 🙏

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This Week’s Instagram Truth: Resting on His Promises


In this life, we can get so busy with our everyday lives…so busy that we forget to rest. This society is so fast paced that we are often desensitized into thinking that resting is for the lazy or for the weak. However even when we are weak, God is Strong. God has given us many promise verses that we can spiritually  rest on, and more importantly be assured that he can and WILL handle it all on our behalf. Today, don’t worry or fret. REST ON HIS PROMISES


  1. Cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.
  2. Remain or be left in a specified condition: “rest assured”.


A declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that guarantees that a particular thing will happen.


We were never meant to go it alone when going through hard times, this is when it’s time to rest in God. Resting is not giving up or taking the easy way out. It is simply relying on the ultimate source who can’t and never will fail. It’s turning our worries, concerns and messed up situations over to God and letting him fix it. He promised to do just that!

“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


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Reality Shows serve as platform to Reality Success

Women Bosses take what they’ve lived and turn it into an Empire!

Producer Mona Scott-Young discusses her goals, plans, and process with Love & Hip Hop on the Breakfast Club. As I listened, I understood her intentional business goal to not only create a platform for herself but for the cast members as well.

When I watched this episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, it really encouraged me in my entrepreneurship endeavors. Kandi has developed the Kandi Factory into a lifestyle. She has women all over the country who are proud consultants, participants, and consumers. It was humbling to watch and listen to her speech.

Social Fresh Headshot Branding

The business competition is fierce and you need photographs that visually articulate your personal brand. This is true whether you are looking to get promoted within your current firm, are hoping to be invited as a keynote speaker at your industry’s next conference, or are a small business owner and entrepreneur. Your photo is usually how people first connect with you and you definitely want to create a memorable and authentic positive impression.

“Young, Social, Fresh, Innovative, and Ready to Take on the World ” is how my photographer, Marisa Pankow described me…I am highly pleased to say, the qualities she described are emulated through her photography passion.

Headshot Branding for Business

Let Your Personality Shine through the Photograph. Your image is the first impression of your Business


Great photo shoot Friday night for website launch. Glad to be meeting talented powerful women who are helping bring the SOCIAL U brand to life. Now I’ll never forget the term “turtleneck”. Thanks Marisa! This was awesome!

Check her out: Marisa Marie Photography 



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This Week’s Instagram Truth: Love and Life without a Limit


God loved us so much, he gave his only son; Jesus to die for the sins of the world, so that we might have life more ABUNDANTLY

Through him, ALL things are possible…This is why we can live a Limitless Life.


Often times, although we know this Life of no Limitations to be true, it is easy to let our own fears, doubts, and unfortunate circumstances entangle us with burdens and bondage, thus limiting ourselves from what God has for our lives.


I encourage you to think upon John 10:10 today. Know that Abundant Life does not mean the following:






-Worry and Stress



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The ‘Pearl View’ storify event with Oliver Starr

“Pearltrees is more of a library. More quiet, relaxed, and less nosey. You follow topics instead of people.” – Oliver Starr, Pearltrees Chief Evangelist

Click on above photo to follow information discussed with Oliver Starr in my storify

Pearltrees is a visual and collaborative curation tool that allows users to collect, organize and share any URL they find online as well as to upload personal photos and notes. The product features a unique visual interface that allows users to drag and organize collected URLs into units called pearls that themselves can be further organized in a hierarchical structure with pearltrees.  As part of the product’s social features, Pearltrees users can synchronize their accounts with both Twitter and Facebook. This bi-directional functionality supports the collection of new pearls each time a link is shared

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