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This Week’s Instagram Truth…Masterpiece in the Making

This Week's Instagram Truth...Masterpiece om the Making

There is a greatness inside of me that can’t be denied- but it’s not my own- It’s the God in me. Everyday I come closer to living my life’s purpose. I’m enjoying the journey (the late nights, uncertainty, encouraging words, triumphs, and downfalls) until the great days of manifestation. It’s all in the making! My FAITH is heightened.

Reflecting on God’s grace, mercy, and favor. He has a plan and divine purpose for my life. I’m focused on the masterpiece he is continually building and enhancing. Know that you are #fearfully and #wonderfully made. He has a plan for you too! #scripture #GodsPlan #food4soul #masterpiece #puzzle #divine #purpose


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The Social Media Journey: What Makes Me #SOME


One of the first inquiries upon meeting someone is: Are you on Facebook? or after a few minutes of exchanged ideas, both you and the other person feel compelled to now find one another on Twitter and Instagram. In less than 10 minutes, a person you know very little about is now connected to you socially- and  the impression they come up with about you is all dependent on the type of information that is shared.

My goal on this ever-evolving journey of Social Media is to find my most engaging voice on the elements that I am most passionate about. I strive to use this as a catalyst to enhance my presence along with making the information I share, beneficial to others. Through my Social Media journey I want people to realize the voice that makes me “So Me”.

What has intrigued me most about all social media platforms is the freedom of authenticity and transparency we are given to tell, show, and prove the stories of our lives. We have sole power to create our online image, however I am fascinated in what is true and what are facades. Are you and industry leader? Or are you just a person who likes to talk?

storytelling here

It is important for me to always find the humane element in everything I do, and it is exciting to see how others portray themselves online- What their talking about, sharing, and engaging in. Just like the saying goes, “You can judge a book by its cover- it is the same for social- it is important for all of us to be wise and aware of our online reputation.

I was elated to be a apart of the Social Media Theory and Platforms class #NewhouseSM6 with Dr. Ward- and I am hoping this class and beyond will take me to a new social level, both personally and professionally.  Visula Social MediaI am most interested through the project presentation to see how much my classmates and I learn about leading business women who spread and reinforce their business story through visuals on social media.

The social media journey has been great so far… let’s see where else it will take me!

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Project Phoenix

Representatives from Vera House, WISE Women’s Business Center and the South Side Innovation Center announced the launch of Project Phoenix April 2012 in Syracuse. The program will be funded through a $100,000 grant from Verizon

I had the pleasure of meeting a few of these women and hear their stories of triumph, victory, and survival. I take it as a great privilege and honor to have been given the chance to tell their stories of transformation through Project Phoenix and their continuous journey to starting their own businesses.

Vera House is working with 10 survivors who will receive training and be eligible to apply for a Verizon Domestic Violence Entrepreneurship Grant, up to $5,000 for funding to help launch their new business.

Philanthropy Week at Syracuse University

From April 9 through April 13, 2012, Syracuse University celebrated the role philanthropy plays in making the SU campus—and the world—a better place. Events included the inaugural Phanstiel Lecture featuring John Wood, founder of Room to Read; the Orange Circle Awards, honoring SU people doing great things for others, and Thank-a-Donor Day. In this report, members of the Student Philanthropy Council and the 2012 Senior Class Giving Committee talk about philanthropy and what it means to them.

The Black Celestial Chorale Ensemble

The Black Celestial Chorale Ensemble was established in 1977 when a group of SU students felt a need for a cultural outlet. Founding members felt there was a lack of a spiritual sense of well being, and that the establishment of a choir would help meet their needs. Among the founding members are Syreeta McKnight, Ervin Allgood, Lawrence A. Ford, Pamela Hayes, Cheyrl Lane, Parrese Wade, and Norman Lyons.
More than 30 years later, BCCE still stand strong on it’s morals, spirituality and influence on Syracuse University’s campus as well as the greater Syracuse Community.

The Gingerbread Builder

I introduce you to Roxanna Carpenter- gingerbread builder extraordinaire. Carpenter serves as a communications assistant in the News Services office at Syracuse University. Get to know Carpenter as she talks us through her process of creating the oldest building on SU’s campus (The Hall of Languages) with gingerbread. Carpenter’s love for art and what she describes as “visual journalism” transcends through her everyday professional and personal life. Take a look at her baking masterpiece.


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